Surplus Claim FAQs

Q: Are you entitled to a claim?
A: With over 20 years of experience in Probate, Legal, and Real Estate, we have become aware of a number of sources of unclaimed money.  We use today’s technology to locate assets that would be impossible for the common person to find.  If we mailed you a letter or tried to contact you over the phone or internet, chances are pretty good that you have some assets that you are not aware of.

Q: Does this money really exist?
A: We can assure that it does indeed.  If it did not, we would not be wasting our time and money trying to contact you.  We have helped many clients recover money that they had no idea existed or had totally forgotten about it.

Q: How can I be sure that the money belongs to me?
A: We will ask you some basic questions regarding your prior addresses and properties that you might have owned in the past.  Don’t worry we will not ask for any personal information that will make you feel threatened.

Q: How did you find the money and me?
A: We work with various government organizations in obtaining the most reliable list of unclaimed funds.  You will not find this information by doing a regular internet search.  Finding you, within the required time before the funds are forfeited by the government, is often more complicated than finding the funds.  We specialize in locating people using the most up-to-date technology and our many years of investigative experience.  It is a long complicated process that few people master like we do.  Just consider yourself lucky that we were able to find you and your money.  There are millions of dollars on a yearly basis that are forfeited forever to different government agencies because no one claims it.

Q: Unclaimed or lost money?
A: These terms are used interchangeably, but it really means unclaimed money.  It could be a financial asset that for some reason the owner was not aware that the asset was generated through a legal financial transaction such as real estate transactions, wages, utility refunds/deposits, forgotten savings and checking accounts, un-cashed cashiers checks and money orders, insurance refunds or claims, stocks, mutual funds, bonds and dividends, certificate of deposit, mineral interest and royalty payments, trust funds and escrow accounts.

Q: How can the money be lost and why wasn’t I contacted by the government?
A: Every situation is different but we see cases where the owner moves leaving no forwarding address.  It is not in the government’s best interest to put a lot of effort into locating  you because.  First, it cost time, resources and money to locate someone.  Second, and most importantly, if no one claims the money the government ends up keeping it.  It is almost an incentive for them not to try to locate you!  This is specially the case of inheritances where the process gets complicated and expensive to resolve.  But don’t worry even if it is an inheritance that you are entitled to, in most cases, we will cover all the expenses associated with recovery of the funds.  We ONLY make money WHEN you do and we will not ask for any upfront fees!

Q: How long will it take for me to get the money?
A: It depends on the particular government agency handling the case but typically it takes about 30-90 days to get it.

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